Transsexualism (TS) 101

“Transsexualism is the unshakeable feeling to belong to the other sex. You have a body, intellectually you recognise that, but you don’t feel it’s yours. You feel it’s a mistake; your feeling is to belong to the other sex, and in that way you cannot be corrected. No-one can convince you it should be otherwise. There’s no way out for transsexuals then to adapt the body to the mind.”

— Prof. Louis Gooren, 2000

Medical treatment is available to men to bring their physical body into harmony with their core brain-sex. Men usually find their intense discomfort with their physical appearance is reduced or disappears after treatment.

Transgender (TG) 101

A transgender man often feels uncomfortable identifying simply as a man or male and is usually more comfortable acknowledging a complexity of gender for himself.  Some transgender men use a range of medical, hormonal and/or surgical remedies to feel more comfortable. (Thanks to Jim from Qld and Aime from Victoria who assisted writing these publications below.)

Research and Studies into TS

Men and women who experience TS as a variation in their sexual formation describe it as an intersex condition. An increasing number of research studies research the biological basis of this physical condition by leading researchers from around the world.

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